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Art, color and travel

Every trip is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a colorful universe. Some places have a very strong graphic or chromatic identity: Jodhpur in India is blue, Burano near Venice is flashy, Toulouse is pink. For designer Anne Élisabeth, Paris is grey and white-chalk; London is steel and grey blue; Lisbon is ocher.

Would knowing the color of the place change life? Probably not, but to look for it, to feel it, to qualify it, probably.

In my travels I look for beauty. I find it in nature, landscapes, the city, light.

Who better captures the essence of beauty than artists, whether they are local or not? From then on, my travels always take me to an Art Museum, an exhibition or a gallery. With a sketchbook, a camera or more recently a telephone or a graphic tablet, I soak up the atmosphere and note my impressions,… or those of others. For a long time I have collected these images in an annual pocket calendar. During various meetings, they were the starting point for an exchange.

This article is an invitation to travel in order to nourish one’s imagination, vary one’s palette and confront one’s vision with those of others.

Before going into my travels, let’s see how travel has been essential for some great painters.

Vinciane Lacroix, “Agenda 2004”, trip to Normandy and Pas-de-Calais (CC-BY-SA 2.5)
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