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Practical Workshops at Craffiti

Would you like to learn about the properties of colors?

I have designed and created the COLHORA color cards set. You can use it to analyze images and discover color harmonies or to create new ones.

If you wish to discover the COLHORA set and play with it, you are welcome to workshops organized at Craffiti (1040 Brussels).

Color Basis and Mixing Workshop

In this workshop, after your analysis with the COLHORA card set, you will learn how to reproduce colors, with gouache or acrylic, from the printing primaries (CMYK: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black). You will then use these mixtures for one or another personal creation.

Full information on (register here)
Date available:

January 21st (2023) 15h-18h

March 10th (2023) 18h-21h

Color Basis and Marbling

In another workshop, you will also learn the properties of colors with the help of the COLHORA color card set.
You will then be introduced to the marbling technique.

February 11th (2023) 15h-18h

March 24th (2023) 18h-21h