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Challenge #3 Explore a limited palette

Vinciane Lacroix, Result of this challenge applied to photography (CC-BY-SA)

If you like colors, you will be tempted to combine them in numbers, whether to decorate your living room or to make a canvas. Or else, you will not know where to start, and, for fear of making a mistake in taste, you will stay with blacks, greys and whites, in short, with neutral colors.

In the first case, you would take too many risks, because the more different shades there are, the more difficult it is to manage their interactions. In the second case, you wouldn’t dare enough, you would remain in the comfort of neutrality.

The solution is to start with a limited palette and explore all the harmonies it offers; this is the purpose of this third challenge.

You now know the GORC recipe: Getting inspired-Observe-Reproduce-Create.

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