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The tonic

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In a painting, a photo, the dominant creates an atmosphere, it plunges you into a state of mind, it’s not a scoop. On the other hand, who among you knows the tonic?

The dominant, obviously covers most of the image. For example, in Monet’s painting “Rising Sun Impression”, the dominant is blue, a light blue, one would probably say blue-grey. Here we are, of course, on the water, in the humidity of the early morning. Note that we will refer here to the color range, not to the specific tone.

As for the tonic, it gives the image a boost. In small quantities, brighter and more saturated, it creates a focus in the image.

In “Rising Sun Impression”, the orange sun plays this role of tonic.

Claude Monet, “Rising Sun Impression”; the orange sun plays as a tonic in the grey-blue dominant painting.
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